Zi Wei Dou Shu is one of ancient China's many divinatory schools - so accurate that it has yet not to astound anyone who has had her life's secrets unlocked using this method. The characters "Zi Wei", the Emperor, is also the major star of this 114+ constellation. And "Dou Shu" - the stars' positions or calculations, and hence, the Gate that unlocks destiny.

How exactly this method came about or who invented the Stargate charts and tables is entirely lost. All that is known is that a metaphysical 'blueprint' was provided and when this blueprint was overlaid over a person's Year, Month, Date and Hour of Birth - her entire life is detailed and precisely told.

The Emperor's Stargate is an intricate calculation system that leads one to build an extremely accurate birth chart. Based on this chart, the whole life is laid out, explained and understood and thus we are guided to be the best we can be.
Anyone who knows his exact time of birth can successfully use the Stargate. It is not necessary that the local time of birth be converted back to China's time. This is where Stargate deviates from being purely mathematical and converge into the esoteric. GMT time differences have no bearing on Stargate's ancient charts and tables that are still being used to draw up every birth chart. Provided that the exact birth time is known, it does not matter whether you were born in the U.S.A. or China. Using the local birth time, one always comes up with the most astoundingly accurate reading of the past. The diviner can then find out highly detailed information on the future.

The crucial point lies in the interpreter's skills in integrating star combinations and meanings. To address this point, we have given, in chapter 9, a reading in retrospect of a world famous figure. Suffice for the Stargate practitioner to understand the essence of what the divination meanings are saying. Very often, the reader will find astounding accuracy - a physical happening that is detailed precisely. At other times, look for its divinatory meaning: the answers are always there. It is within the Stargate's capacity to warn or give the go-ahead signal, giving details in no unclear terms where the danger/opportunity lies. Use this system to its fullest.