Diana Spencer

Diana Spencer was transformed over night from a shy kindergarten teacher to an icon. Destined to become the most photographed woman who ever lived, her amazing lifetime was daunted only by her sudden and tragic death. We shall trace her life's path through Stargate, in retrospect.

The Self  
A3 THE SUN Yang with the Power catalyst carries the trait of having the crowd, or male supporters on Diana's side. Power to Yang gave her a highly independent mind and gave rise to her pioneering spirit. Under the Sun's influence, she was a careful individual who was also prone to extravagance.
A12 THE SCHOLAR The Star of Protection, points to her family's earldom; taking this further - her marriage into royalty.
B22 COMPLETION Completion in the Self sector makes for an upright honest individual with a big heart. This star indicates a rewarding lifetime of wealth and prosperity without the rigmaroles of toils, hardships or great changes. Ongoing wealth was in her Self House.
Karmic Wealth
A2 INTELLIGENCE The Self is preoccupied with heavy thoughts.
B21 THE WINGED HORSE An busy individual who is afraid to stop. Teamed with Intelligence, the indication is for an exhausting road ahead for an extremely clever and agile individual. Hemmed in by the dark stars Ram and Fire, the Winged Horse will encounter accidents or danger whilst on the road.
Opposing the Karmic Health House
A8 THE MOON At the opposing chamber, the Moon also influenced her psyche. Diana spent much time in solitude contemplation - a deep, wise individual with a colorful imagination.
C32 ENCOUNTER This star of romantic encounters opposite the Karmic Wealth, with the Moon accompanying point to a secret alliance - unhappy thoughts resulting from secretive encounters.
The Spouse
The Waif in The Spouse's chamber, indicated emotional turmoil, leading to unhappiness in the relationship.
A10 THE MESSENGER $ Verbal (or non-verbal) disagreements with the loved one having to do with money; or -relationships with high profile, wealthy individuals.
B26 BELL A dark force, signifying rife and unpleasantness. Playing one against the other, these three dark stars in the marriage sector, unfortunately, reinforces the obvious. The fate of the marriage was sealed......