Feng Shui is a five thousand-year-old building and environmental design tool. The original uses of Feng Shui were to locate the Capital City , site and design the emperor's palace and to locate villages.

In modern scientific terms, it is actually a tool to ascertain the nature of different kind of energies residing in different sectors of the premise. Feng Shui states that our living and working environments have such a major influence on our lives that having good Feng Shui can mean the difference between health and illness, success and failure

​Master Albert is here to provide you with the most efficient and accurate consultation on residences, shops, offices etc After the on site visit which give a good assessment of both the internal and external landscape of the premise. A written report will be compiled having gathered the required information and comprises an in-depth investigation with clear and simple recommendations. The choice of interior decor and furniture will remain firmly under your control as the recommendations will seek to enhance by correct use of form, colour and material rather than taste or cultural bias. Account is taken of financial and material constraints and optimisation of what exists will always take precedence over an expensive remedy.

Fees :

Small 2 bed room flat < 1000 sq. ft. 6000.0
flat < 2000 sq. ft. 8800.0
House/flat > 2000 sq. ft. Ask for quote
Small business (office or shop)< 600sq. ft. 6000.0
Medium (600-3000 sq. ft.) business area 10 /sq. ft.
Large (> 3000 sq. ft.) business area Ask for quote