A1 The Emperor
  Authoritative, Pioneering, Conquering, Far-Sighted, Hot Tempered
A2 Intelligence
  Strategy, Pioneering, Movements(Lateral), Mechanics, Agility
A3 The Sun
  Benevolence, Yang, Masculinity, Openness, Status, Elegance
A4 The Commander
  Wealth, Management, Entrepreneurial Skills, Handicrafts, Metals
A5 The Waif
  Emotional, Enjoyment, Sensitivity, Gentleness, Building From Nothing
A6 Crimson
  Blood Relations, Emotions, Arts, Politics, Privacy, Feminine
A7 The Vault
  Prosperity, Possessions, Preservation, Carefulness, Integrity
A8 The Moon
  Night, Feminine, Tranquility, Retiring, Graceful, Wealth
A9 Opportunity
  Indulgence, Sensuousness, Physique, Muscles, Sports, Divination
A10 The Messenger
  Slander, Litigation, Carefulness, Privacy, Suspicion, Largeness
A11 The Mirror
  Repeating, Helpfulness, Responsibility, Influence, Embroilment
A12 The Scholar
  Protection, Longevity, Lateness, Solitude, Controling, Litigation
A13 The General
  Severity, Strategy, Independence, Aloofness, Stagnant, Hesitation
A14 The Pioneer
  Discarding the old for the new, Hope, Pioneering, Hot Tempered